• Agriculture can not do without pesticides, pesticides cannot be separated from pesticide defoamers

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    "The soldiers and horses do not move, the forage and grass first," "people are steel rice and steel," etc. These famous epitaphs fully illustrate the importance of agriculture. If you want farmland to thrive, you will inevitably need pesticides, but there are serious pesticide production processes. Foam problems have caused pesticides to lose their effectiveness and cost a waste. If pesticides are used as antifoams, then the problem of pesticide foaming can be solved.

    Causes of pesticide blistering:

    1. Bring a lot of air due to cutting, grinding, etc.

    2. Improper surfactant selection, or excessive use

    3. The high-speed shearing, grinding, or stirring that must be performed during the process to generate heat and generate bubbles


    4. A chemical reaction of certain ingredients in the preparation

    5. Agitate excessively, stir improperly

    6. The original drug's own structure contains blistering caused by hydroxyl groups and other easily foaming groups.

    Foam hazards:

    1. Foam reduces the uniformity of the product's water dispersion

    2. Bubbles will mix air and affect the efficacy of the product

    3. Foam can interfere with spray operation


     4. The foam will cause the reaction fluid to overflow and waste raw materials

     5. The speed bubble is more when canned, the filling speed is slower, and the canned line is less than the mark

     How to choose an excellent pesticide defoamer:

    The pesticides defoamers developed by the Central European Union can operate under the conditions of acid and alkali. After the foams are added, they will not affect the medicinal effects of the products, and will not precipitate floating substances, sediments, floating oils, etc., and are safe and non-toxic. No pollution to the environment, environmental protection pesticide defoamer.

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