• Do you want to clean the circuit board by defoamer?

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    Today's rapid development of technology, computers, telephones and other electrical appliances has become a must-have for people, office supplies, circuit boards are essential parts of electrical appliances, circuit boards are cleaned every process, and cleaning time will be Emitting air bubbles, bubbles can cause a series of problems such as circuit board damage, corrosion, etc. At this time, if there is a circuit board cleaning defoamer, then these problems will no longer be a problem.


    Why do circuit boards clean?

    In the processing of circuit boards, fluxes and the like are used to assist in soldering the components to the PCB, and these things will be left over, and these residues will absorb oil, dust, etc., and work on the circuit board. It will have adverse effects and consequences. If you do not clean it, it will easily lead to circuit board short circuit.

    Reasons for blistering of the circuit board and the danger of foam:

    1. The cleanliness of the board;

    2. Cleaning circuit board cleaning agent;

    3. Surface micro-roughness (or surface energy) problem;

            The foam appearing on the circuit board is the same as the residual material. It will slowly erode the circuit board and affect the appearance. It will even cause the circuit board to be layered, which will cause secondary cleaning, waste of manpower and material resources, and increase the cost. If it is added in the cleaning agent Circuit board cleaning defoamers, the problem will not exist, because the defoamer inside the defoaming elements, so that when cleaning the circuit board will not easily appear bubbles, and do not have to clean it again every process.

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