• China Guangzhou Paint Defoamer - Solving Coating Foaming Problems

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    On July 1 of this year, Mr. Dong from Guangzhou answered that the effects of paint defoamers that had been used in cooperation before the reaction were not very satisfactory. They did not know whether they were caused by the processing environment or other reasons and they could not solve this problem. So search the Internet for paint defoamers in China to find China Federation, to find a non-floating oil, no suspended solids, defoaming antifoam defoamer.

    According to previous customer cases, the Chinese Federal Engineers recommended three free antifoaming agents in the Chinese federal defoamer model: E-107/108/109.


    Defoamers for use in coatings

    China Zilibon chemical E-107/108/109 paint defoamer is a compound product of organic polyether esters, mineral oils, and alcohols, and it is refined through special processes. Has the characteristics of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, good defoaming, and long-lasting foam suppression.

    A week later, the Central Federal Engineer answered the call again. Mr. Dong said that E-018 Coating Defoamer had very good performance. It not only can defoam but also prevent tiny bubbles and large bubbles.

    In the end, Mr. Dong purchased 500kg of E-018 paint defoamer from our Federation for use.

    Regarding the paint defoamer, if you have any questions or related requirements, you can click the message board at the bottom of the website or contact our engineers for detailed consultation.Zilibon chemical from china

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