• Difference Between Silicone Oil Defoamer & Silicone Defoamer.

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    Silicone defoamers are lanthanum, silicone oil defoamers are blemishes, silly and unclear? I believe that many people search for silicone oil defoamers for the first time, and it is the same as Xiao Bian. The following Xiao Bian should give you a good introduction to how to distinguish.

    A relationship between silicone oil defoamer and silicone defoamer

    Silicone oil generally refers to polysiloxanes that remain viscous at room temperature, while silicones are silicones, so silicone oils are silicones, silicones are silicone oils, but in different shapes, and then silicones are in their form. The difference can be divided into: silicone chemical reagents, silicone oil, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone resin, composites, etc., which is equivalent to silicone is a tai chi, and silicone oil is yin and yang in tai chi.

    What is the difference between silicone oil defoamer and ordinary defoamer?

    1. In water and oil systems, a dispersion is slow.

    2. It has a small surface tension and can quickly deform.

    3. It has good chemical stability and heat resistance and can be used for defoaming at a high temperature of 150°C in a neutral foaming system.

    4. Silicone oil is physiologically inert, and its defoaming agent is safe to humans and can be used in the food industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

    5. The silicone oil defoamer has a small biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Defoaming for sewerage system does not increase sludge load

    6. Many types of silicone oil can respond to various foaming systems.

    How to choose silicone oil defoamer/silicone defoamer:

    Look at the silicone oil defoamer more and less main components, polydimethylsiloxane is also known as dimethyl silicone oil, dimethyl silicone oil is a hydrophobic silicone material. It has applications in medicine, daily chemical products, food, construction and other fields. Its derivatives have reached hundreds of kinds. For more details, please visit the official website of the Federal Government.
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