• Why The Cutting fluid oams?

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    "Foam" is a heterogeneous system in which insoluble gas enters liquid under the external force and is isolated by liquid, ie, a limb system in which gas is dispersed in the liquid. The generation of foam is directly related to the surface tension of the liquid. The developed chemical synthesis cutting fluid was formulated into a series of aqueous solutions with different concentrations, and the surface tension of the aqueous solutions with different salts was determined.

    Why The Cutting fluid oams?

    Through a series of experiments, it can be seen that the addition of cutting fluid can significantly reduce the surface tension of water. When the concentration reaches I. 50h, the surface tension decreases. That is, CM (two-valued I.5% ). From the characteristics of the curve, the cutting fluid is similar to a table and the active agent, when the concentration of the cutting fluid reaches (:61 (two), the surface of the aqueous solution will accumulate a large number of tables.The active substance forms a monomolecular film, which makes the tension on the system surface suitable.

    The active substance has an amphiphilic structure, one end is hydrophilic, one end is lipophilic, and it is easy to form a foam.

    The actual use of the cutting fluid, the preparation of a concentration greater than CM (binary, solution There are a sufficient number of active materials on the table. When the cutting fluid is recycled during metal processing, air bubbles are formed in contact with a large amount of air. The surface-active substances in the cutting fluid are aligned at the air-liquid interface to form an adsorption film to stabilize the foam. as the cutting process proceeds, some of the solid particles are also easily adsorbed on the surface of the foam to form a three-phase foam, which makes the foam more stable.Therefore, the main reason for the formation of foam in the cutting fluid is the surface of the active material in the gas-liquid interface. Adsorption forms a stable absorption film.

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