• Can Papermaking Defoamers Really Solve The Problem Of Foaming In The Papermaking Industry?

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    Beside writing, a paper is the beginning of a civilization. With the development of science and technology, the types of paper and the number of papermaking are also increasing. Nowadays, people’s lives cannot be separated from paper, but you know, papermaking When a bubble is encountered, it will not only affect the quality of the paper, but also affect the normal production, and even seriously damage the equipment. At this time, big manufacturers will use papermaking defoamers.

    papermaking defoamers

    The hazard of papermaking blisters:

    1. The foam produced during the paddling process due to the combination of a large number of surfactants, which brings significant obstacles to the subsequent work of cleaning, conveying, bleaching, etc., resulting in floating or degrading the pulp quality.

    2. The production of paper foam must be controlled once the gas content in the paddle reaches 0.5-1%, otherwise, it will cause paper break, white water level fluctuation, pump frequency fluctuations.

    3. The papermaking pulping raw material contains resin acid. In the alkaline pulping industry, the resin acid is saponified and the saponified resin acid enters the biological treatment process. The foam causes the waste liquid treatment efficiency to decline, and wastewater is lost, spattered, and the environment is polluted.

    Why use papermaking  defoamers?

    In the process of papermaking, bubbles are sure to meet because of various factors. Many customers like to use physical methods for foaming, such as ensuring the tightness of each equipment, installing deaerators, etc., but do you know? In fact, these methods are not only costly and inefficient, because most bubbles are not produced by physical factors but chemical properties. Therefore, it is better to take the initiative and use papermaking defoamers to eliminate bubbles!

    The advantages of papermaking paper defoamers:

    1. Defoaming fast.

    2. It is a product that improves the technology in the papermaking and papermaking industry.

    3. It has good dispersion, dynamic defoaming, and no silicon.

    4. It can save the physical defoaming machinery and save costs.

    5. Sustained foam, no need to worry about bubble production and worry about slow production

    6. China Federal Paper Defoamer meets the above characteristics

    China Federal Antifoaming Agent (alias: foam suppressant) - Focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because it focuses on professionalism.

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