• Safe & Non-toxic Food Grade Soymike Defoamer

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    Soymilk is a traditional Chinese drink, but also a health drink. Different seasons of drinking have different effects, so there are also many businesses selling soy milk, but businesses have a common annoyance that too much milk foam, and now this era In seconds, businesses are slowly disappearing while customers are slowly disappearing, so if you want to grasp the customer, you must first get the bubble problem and give the companies Amway milk soaked defoamers. The food defoamers are antifoaming agent promoted by the food industry.

    Soymike can use defoamer

    Causes of soymilk foaming:

    There is a substance called saponin in soy bean composition. Saponin has a strong hydrophilicity, which leads to changes in the surface tension of soymilk, making the removal of foam slower. In addition, soya bean has a very rich plant protein, protein is A surfactant, in addition to these chemical factors, as well as foam, there are bubbles due to stirring, grinding soybeans, foam causes a lot, but the solution is OK, is the milk defoamer.

    Food-grade defoamer main ingredient

    How to choose milk defoamer:

    1. Defoaming, strong foam suppression, and low dosage do not affect the basic properties of the foaming system.

    2, good heat resistance, chemical stability, non-corrosive, non-toxic, no adverse side effects, non-flammable, non-explosive.

    The food defoamer developed by the Central Federation has unique advantages that do not affect product taste, rapid defoaming, long-term foam suppression, and defoaming efficiency of 96-98%. It is widely used in soy products, dairy industry, pharmaceuticals, and milk. Products, beverages, sugar industry, soy protein extraction, vinegar brewing, cigarette holder adhesives and other food industrie

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