• What To Do With Fermented Foam? Fermention Defoamer Can Help You

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    Fermentation is the process of growing and accumulating a large number of metabolites that people need for fermentation by carrying out large-scale growth cultures of microorganisms (or animal and plant cells) to cause chemical changes and physiological changes. This ancient craft has now been able to produce large quantities of fermented foods and medicines on a large scale. However, during the fermentation process, it is often prone to blistering. Once the foam cannot be controlled, it will cause deterioration and mildew in fermented products. Therefore, many fermentation industry manufacturers will order fermentation defoamers.

    fermention defoamer

    Fermentation foaming reasons:

    1. Microbes are undergoing anaerobic respiration.

    2. Gas-liquid two-phase coexistence

    3. Improper stirring

    4. The nutrient-rich medium, plus more microbial breath

    5. The fermentation process is heating too fast

    How to remove fermented foam:

    • Physical defoaming method:
      1. Let the fermenter's stirring worsen the destruction of bubbles (used when the foam is too much)
      2. Appropriately increase tank pressure
      3. Reduce the speed

    • Chemical defoaming method:
      1. Reduce the nutrition of the medium
      2. Supplement with C source, N source, inorganic salt, the substrate for inducing enzyme
      3. The use of fermentation defoamer

    How to choose a fermentation defoamer:

    1. Can withstand high temperatures.

    2. Non-toxic and tasteless.

    3. Defoaming speed.

    4. Has a long-lasting ability to inhibit foam.

    5. Does not have any effect on the product.

    The Zilibon fermentation defoamers meet these characteristics.

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