• PVC Paste Resin Defoamer Helps You Solve The Foam Problem

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    Paste resin (PVC) is a resin that is mainly applied in a pasty form, this kind of resin is mainly applied in the form of a paste. People often use this type of paste, called plastisol, as a unique liquid form of PVC in the unprocessed state. PVC paste The resin molding process has the advantages of inexpensive equipment, simple and inexpensive processing molds, special shapes, and small-size, multi-variety production. It is therefore widely used in artificial products such as artificial leather, floor leather, toys, and automotive interior materials. Has a broad market, but in the production of paste, the resin will often encounter foam problems, in fact, these troubles, with a PVC paste resin defoamer on it.

    PVC paste resin defoamer

    PVC paste resin foaming reasons:

    1. Chemical instability

    2. Stirring in the dispersant

    3. Reaction bubble after dispersant collection

    4. The process of discharging slurry

    The danger of foam:

    1. Waste material

    2. Perform secondary processing and waste human and material resources

    3. Because of the presence of foam, poor product quality

    4. Overflow when excessive foam causes loss of other chemical additives

    Defoaming method:

    1. Vacuum deaeration
      The vacuum defoaming effect is not ideal, and the equipment is expensive, so the profits of the manufacturers are very low.

    2. Use PVC paste resin defoamer
      Most manufacturers are now using PVC paste resin defoamer to eliminate foam, because the amount of small, fast defoaming, will not affect the product's chemical system, no side effects can effectively protect the interests of manufacturers.

    Zilibon Defoamer (alias: foam inhibitor) - Focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing because of the focus on professionalism.

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