• Wood With Closed Paint Defoamer Will Have A Better Market

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    The sealer is generally surface coating products, natural wood grain finish cover is closed, so that a smooth surface, as a mirror effect, the film having an anti-foaming, anti-sag and run the oil characteristics, can increase the hardness of the wood Prevent deformation.Closed paint has a good spray effect, but spraying, rolling or screen printing will produce inner bubbles, which will reduce the effect of wood, and can eliminate inner bubbles through a closed paint defoamer.

    Application of closed paint defoamer

    Closed paint defoamers have special effects on foams produced by waterborne wood coatings, industrial paints, water-based paints, and other systems. They are especially effective for fine foams. They have a small amount, fast defoaming, long foam suppression time and water solubility. Good, no oil spots and other characteristics, will not affect the film formation and will not produce shrinkage, fish eyes and other issues.

    Wood blisters not only affect the appearance of the appearance, but also shorten the service life of the product, and the quality will also decline. This will bring poor experience to the user. Problems concerning quality and performance are not trivial. Therefore, the influence of foaming cannot be ignored.

    Zilibon Chemical Manufacturer focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing because of the focus on professionalism.

    Zilibon Chemical Manufacturer provides samples for free and defoamers are delivered strictly in accordance with industry standards.For questions about closed paint defoamers or related requirements, please call our national service phone: +86 13929201380

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