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    4th July, 2017, the federal government received an incoming call from Mr. Zhou. Feedback on his circular water treatment caused a lot of foams to affect the operation of the machine. Therefore, Mr. Zhou needs to search for a circulating water defoamer on the Internet. A defoamer that solves foaming in circulating water treatment.

    Circulating water treatment defoamer is an efficient defoamer developed for various types of circulating water treatment systems.The characteristics: high defoaming speed, long foam suppression time, high efficiency, low dosage, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and no adverse side effects.It is easy to disperse in water, can be well compatible with liquid products, and is not easy demulsification and floating oil.

    Application of circulating water treatment defoamer

    Application of circulating water treatment defoamer

    The Central Federal Engineer understands that Mr. Zhou had foamed in the circulating water treatment and selected three circulating water treatment defoamers E-0741/0742/0743 to send samples to Mr. Sichuan Zhou for free.

    On July 11th in the same year, Mr. Zhou received another call from Sichuan. The three defoamers used to send the sample to the circulating water treatment defoamer were all good. Among them, E-0743 had the best effect.

    After the final communication, Mr. Zhou purchased a ton of E-0743 circulating water treatment defoamer in the Commonwealth and went back to use it, and cooperated with us for a long time.

    Zilibon Chemical Manufacturer has been engaged in the development and production of defoamers for 17 years. It is the only manufacturer in Guangdong that cooperates with Tsinghua University to research and develop defoamers. Professional problem engineers conduct coaching solutions one by one to solve your foam problems.

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