• Where Can We Find Better Defoamers?

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    Nowadays, there are foams in the production process of various industries in society, which hinder the production progress. There are also many defoamer manufacturers in the market to provide customized services to eliminate foam products. However, the industry is mixed and the quality is uneven, so where can we find better defoamer?


    First understand what is defoamer:

    Defoamers, also known as defoamers, are chemical additives that reduce surface tension during product processing, inhibit foam generation or eliminate foaming. Defoaming agents which can be used are emulsified silicone oil, high carbon alcohol fatty acid ester complex, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene pentaerythritol ether, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene alcohol ether, polyoxypropylene glyceryl ether and polyoxypropylene polyoxygen. Ethylene glyceryl ether, polydimethylsiloxane, etc.

    Defoamers are mostly liquid compound products, which are mainly divided into three categories: mineral oils, silicones, and polyethers.Mineral oil defoamers usually consist of a carrier, an active agent and the like.The carrier is a substance with low surface tension, and its role is to carry and dilute. The commonly used carrier is water, fatty alcohol, etc.; the active agent acts to inhibit and eliminate foam, and commonly used wax, aliphatic amide, fat and the like.The silicone-based antifoaming agent generally includes polydimethylsiloxane or others. The silicone antifoaming agent is poor solubility, and has good defoaming speed and good foam suppression at normal temperature, but delamination occurs at high temperature, the defoaming speed is slow, and the antifoaming is poor.The polyether antifoaming agent includes polyoxypropylene oxyethylene glyceryl ether and the like.The polyether antifoaming agent has the characteristics of long foam suppression time, good effect, fast defoaming speed and good thermal stability. For example, defoamers are used in the production of fruit and vegetable beverages, soy products, and sucrose.

    Mainly applicable to circuit board (PCB) process; chemical; electroplating; printing and dyeing; papermaking; medicine; water-based ink; ceramic slitting; steel plate cleaning; aluminum processing; various sewage treatment and various industrial water systems Bubble and antifoam.

    Where can we find quality defoamers?

    Zilibon Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest Defoamer,painting additives,Thickener and Surface Active product manufacturer. Zilibon stick to professional R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance systems to guarantee the excellent performance of our products. Until now, Zilibon products have been Exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

    They broke the technology monopoly in the Precise Chemical Industry with 8 patents and another 35 more patent is still in applying.Zilibon has successfully attained ISO9001:2008 quality control system certificate.The annual capability is above 20000 tons.

    The product is widely used in metal Cleaning&metalwork,adhesive,painting,water treatment,Industrial cleaning,paper-making,printing&ink,textile&dyeing,oil exploitation, Fermentation industry, Agriculture, Mining,building materials, Desulfurization,Household Chemicals.etc

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