• What chemicals are used in the refining process?

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    When the oil field is drilling, during the process of using the drill pipe, the underground cuttings will be carried up, during which the mud will produce foam, and the surfactant in the mud has a stabilizing effect, which makes the foam in the mud pool less convenient. Disintegrated, and recycled back into the well, causing serious blistering, affecting normal operations and efficiency, greatly increasing the cost of refining. Therefore, the chemicals that need to be added in this process aredefoamers for oilfield drilling.


    As the mining process progresses, the underground oil-bearing layer is continuously decompressed. When the pressure is lower than the natural gas saturation pressure, the natural gas will precipitate in the oil-bearing layer, and the crude oil in the well will become foamy. When the pump is working, when the piston rises, the bubble expands: when it drops, the bubble compresses. It seriously affects the efficiency of the pump. The chemicals that need to be added at this time aredefoamers for oil and gas separation, which have the function of defoaming and continuous control of foam.


    In the distillation process of petroleum, the production of steam, coal and diesel fuel is the heaviest of crude oil in the petroleum industry.

    Processing is also the most important use of crude oil. Among them, the petroleum refining process will have a coking step in which the heavy oil will be hot in the coking tower. A large amount of foam is generated during the coking process. This reduces equipment utilization and affects the process. The chemicals that will be used at this time are calledrefining defoamers anddelayed coking defoamers.


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