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    Customer type

    1. Customer Information: Guangzhou Junlun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a papermaking auxiliaries, water treatment chemicals, etc. It is found in the Chinese Federation because some friends say that the federal products are cost-effective, have their own laboratory and factory, so I want to try Their products.

    2, sample information: paper pulp

    Paper pulp sample information


    Light white translucent liquid



    Water soluble

    Insoluble in water




    Light fragrance

    Industrial cleaning defoamer 

    3. Customer requirements: To eliminate the surface foam containing AKD emulsion white water system and the bubbles adsorbed on the dehydrated fiber, it must have the function of holding defoaming.

    Defoaming principle and analysis

    A.Analysis of the cause of foaming:

    1. Foaming in the pulping process

    2, washing, filter, bleaching, dehydration, papermaking, sizing, coating blistering

    3. Foam caused by adhesive in the coating formulation

    4. Produce a large amount of foam in the papermaking process

    5, the slurry falls in a waterfall, the foam caused by the air leakage of the slurry pump

    6, the cone slag discharge slag pressure is too low

    7, water treatment discharge foaming

    B. Hazard of foaming:

    Foams generated in paper mills and pulp mills can interfere with many processes that can affect the efficiency of refiners, pumps, screens, centrifugal cleaners, deinking equipment, and dewatering equipment. The foam will also adversely affect the final paper formation, porosity, opacity, printability, smoothness, and interlayer adhesion strength. Excessive foaming can result in loss of fiber and raw materials. Further, the rate of filtration at the papermaking paper can be affected by the presence of residual air in the wet paper web. When there is a large amount of residual air on the paper or the pad, the filtration rate is lowered because the water passing through the paper or the pad has to pass through the bubble.

    Foam treatment is a thorny issue in production during the pulping process. The pulping unit operates until the coating process: washing, filtration, bleaching, dehydration, papermaking, sizing, coating, etc., with varying degrees of foam, which seriously affects normal production and paper quality.

    The surface tension of the saponification produced during the pulping process is smaller than the surface tension of the black liquor produced by the cooking material, so that it exists in the surface layer of the black liquor and forms a film, which forms a foam under the action of air mixing, especially when The lower the concentration of black liquor, the more foam there is. The harder raw materials and the high-resin raw materials are also prone to produce a large amount of stable foam. In addition, if the slurry is not rinsed, the alkalinity is high, and the added Chemical additives, improper control of the auxiliary materials, the pump will be pumped or mechanically stirred during the transportation, the natural impact caused by the drop, etc., will dissolve the slurry into the air to generate bubbles, which will bring inconvenience to the washing and screening operations.

    1 In the coating, due to the foaming of the coating, there is no stain on the coated paper, which affects the printing effect.

    2 hinder the execution of process conditions and the normal operation of the equipment

    3 When the foam is severe, it will increase the viscosity of the coating, making the flowability of the coating worse, which will cause difficulties in production.

    4 In the process of coated paper processing, if there is a large amount of foam at the storage tank and the coating roller, the foam overflows, affecting the normal operation of the coating, causing the loss of the coating and polluting the environment.

    5The foam will also form a floating slurry, causing the paper material to appear on the Internet, causing breakage in severe cases.

    6 There is foam in the paper stock, the concentration of the headbox fluctuates, and the flow of the paper material is unstable; the micropores on the surface of the wet paper web are closed, which makes the dewatering of the net part difficult, affecting the formation of the paper web.

    Foaming when the papermaking water is used or when discharging water, seriously affecting the appearance.

    C. Defoaming recommended by defoaming agent

    1. Maintain excellent continuous defoaming capacity under low added amount

    2, excellent defoaming, foam breaking

    3, fast and thorough improvement of screening program drainage

    4. It has good mutual solubility with black liquor and is suitable for the production conditions of pulp mills.

    5. Improve the rinsing efficiency;

    6. It can help dehydration and reduce the moisture content of pulp to reduce the energy consumption in the evaporation process;

    7, reduce salt loss and improve the quality of pulp paper;

    8. Reduce the amount of bleaching chemicals to meet environmental requirements.

    9, biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless

    Recipe selection 

    Defoaming test comparison


    No. Model




    fastest defoaming



    defoaming is slightly slower than A.

    These samples are all in line with the requirements, mainly depending on the customer's choice.


    Defoamer name: defoamer for papermaking

    The ingredients are as follows: (For details, please contact the Federal Defoamer Fine Chemical Engineer:contact us)

    (The article is from the Chinese website of Guangdong Zhongfang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Originally reproduced, please add a quote or this description

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