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    At 9:57 on June 13, 2017, Mr. Li of a food company in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, contacted Miss Chen of the Chinese Federation. The buyer reflects the presence of stomata in the ribs of the company and the taste is not good. Sustained support for no fruit, requesting the federal custom food defoamer.


    (the company's tendon products)

    The company mainly produces cold fresh noodles products, uses processing equipment to produce gluten noodles, and then stores them in cold storage, and then transports them to local hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and vegetable markets to provide pasta ingredients for the catering industry.

    Mr. Li has never used food defoamers because he did not think that the foaming problem will affect the taste of the noodles. The processing of the ribs requires the use of wheat flour, edible glutinous rice, salt, and the relevant materials are placed in a processing tank for washing the surface, so that the wheat flour swells and sticks to each other, gradually forming a gluten network.


    (The problem of foaming of the dough leads to the problem of porosity in the produced tendons)

    The dough is fed into a curing machine for low-speed agitation, and the protein continues to swell and form gluten. The company uses three devices to separate the dough from the dough, and each device can separate 500 kilograms of ribs every two hours.

    When the dough and the ribs were separated, foaming occurred, which caused a problem of stomata in the ribs. When consumers eat such a noodles, they feel less smooth and gluten. Mr. Li speculated that the solution to the bubble problem by food defoamers will increase the number of customers who purchase their products.


    (The buyers intention depends on the taste of the ribs)

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