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    Cleaning agents are a large category, including a wide range of inorganic cleaning and organic cleaning. There are many classification methods for cleaning agents, which vary from country to country. A lot of foam is produced in the process of cleaning agents, which lasts for a long time. The large amount of foam reduces the cleanliness and the visibility of the washed surface, which is not conducive to observing the degree of cleaning, resulting in poor cleaning, delayed cleaning time, and increased cost. The addition of a cleaning agent antifoaming agent during the operation can effectively eliminate air bubbles.

    The cleaning agent defoaming agent is made of a variety of special polyethers through a composite process, and has good defoaming and foaming resistance and high shear resistance in the cleaning agent. Contains organic solvents, does not invade equipment, and does not affect solderability. High solid content, low dosage, fast defoaming, and long bubble inhibition.

    Cleaning agent defoamer

    Application of cleaning agent defoamer

    Detergent antifoaming agent is suitable for strong alkaline water degreasing agent and various metal abrasives. Special high-grade imported steel plate cleaning, aluminum copper zinc magnesium parts cleaning, precision instruments, electronic parts cleaning. EDM working fluid, etching liquid, electrolyte line Cutting liquid steel plate.

    The cleaning agent antifoaming agent is adsorbed on the liquid film of the foam in the state of particles, and when the particles of the defoaming agent are broken, the foam is penetrated to break the bubbles. The particles of the cleaning agent antifoaming agent are directly closer to the thickness of the bubble film, so the defoaming effect is better.

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