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      A bottle of isolation fluid from Mr. Qi, a chemical company in Shandong Province, was sent to the Chinese Federal Laboratory. The foaming of the spacer fluid makes it difficult for the drilling fluid to isolate the mud, and a collapse accident may occur! Mr. Qi’s multi-party rescue has no effect, requesting the federal custom drilling fluid defoamer.


    Li Gong immediately launched the defoaming experiment as follows:


    1 customer sample analysis



    (The picture shows the customer sample)


    A sample of a spacer solution weighing about 1.1 kg was sampled and found to be a gray viscous liquid with a pungent odor and good water solubility. The sample is used for drilling operations, which serves as a plane propulsion replacement drilling fluid to ensure the pressure balance of the formation during the cement injection process.


    2customer problem analysis


    Foaming of the spacer fluid causes the drilling fluid to advance slowly, the mud infiltrates, the pressure is unbalanced, and collapse occurs. The spacer is an inorganic filler containing a surfactant, a thickener component, and a stearate.


    3 the goal of defoaming experiment


    (Li Gong is sampling)

    According to the customer's request, Ligong will carry out the sample 1:7 with water to open the thin, heated to about 55 °C, and then add antifoaming agent for testing, find a defoaming fast and meet the use of the spacer liquid loop for long-term suppression Drilling fluid defoamer required for foaming effect.


    4the defoaming experiment process



    (When the diluted liquid is heated in a water bath)


    Li Gong sampled the spacer into the beaker, and then diluted 1:7 of the stock solution and water. The beaker was placed in a water bath to be heated at a constant temperature of 55 ° C. During the heating process, the diluted liquid was stirred uniformly.


    Add 80g of uniform thinning solution to each of the 6 vials, and add 0.04g of each of the mature formula drilling fluid defoamer. Place all vials in the shaker.


    The instrument was turned on, and each sample vial was shaken for 2 hours. After the removal, the defoaming condition of each sample vial was observed and recorded; all the vials were allowed to stand for 3 hours, and the foam suppression was observed.


    5 Defoaming test results


    Li Gong suggested that cementing spacers with foam problems should not be used to avoid collapse accidents. The Chinese Federal B-211 drilling fluid defoaming agent has significant defoaming effect on the sample, the spacer liquid is no longer foaming, and the small test is successful! Miss Chen sent a free sample, I hope that Mr. Yu will take the test smoothly!


    Central Federal Defoamer - Focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. Contact us about drilling fluid defoamers or related needs.


    This article is from the Chinese federal defoamer http://www.zilibon.coml reproduced please indicate the source.

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