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    Oilfield killing is an indispensable process for oilfield exploitation. The killing fluid plays an important role in this process. In the well operation, in order to prevent blowout and reduce the damage of the killing fluid to the oil layer, sometimes it will Additives, such as anti-swelling agents, surfactants, etc., are all sources of foaming of the kill fluid. The kill fluid defoamer is a defoamer designed for killing operations.


    The customer details:


    At 2:32 pm on July 1, 2018, Miss Xu of the Central Federal Sales Department received a call from Mr. Li, a coalfield team in Jiangsu Province, to ask questions about the anti-foaming agent for the killing fluid. After detailed discussion, Mr. Li needs to pump the killing fluid in order to prevent blowout during the well killing operation. The foam is generated due to excessive surfactant in the killing fluid, and the foam stability is not easy to eliminate, which seriously affects the construction efficiency and slows down. The entire work process even caused the loss of kill fluid and environmental pollution. Mr. Li was miserable. After the introduction of the peers, he learned that the Chinese federal killing fluid defoamer works well in this respect, so he called.


    (Petroleum killing process diagram)


    Feedback of the results:


    Miss Xu told Mr. Li about the situation of Mr. Li, a Chinese federal technician. Li Gongs analysis of the foam was caused by excessive pressure during the killing, and the crude oil itself was a foaming system and a well fluid. Adding additives such as anti-swelling agents, surfactants, etc., results in a large amount of foam, and the foam is stable and difficult to eliminate.


    In combination with Mr. Li's actual situation, the Ministry of Technology repeatedly experimented and developed B-563 killing fluid defoamer for this situation. This product consists of non-ionic surfactants such as special organic fluorine and hydroxy compounds, with excellent dispersion and Eliminate foaming, defoaming fast, and suppressing bubble length. It has good anti-foaming effect on various heavy oils and light oils. This product has good stability and good compatibility with solvents. It is a fast defoamer.


    Miss Xu sent a sample for Mr. Li on the same day. After a while, Mr. Li called again and said that the effect of using it was very good. When it was used up, there was no secondary foam, and the quality was broken. On the same day, Mr. Li booked a 1 ton of killing fluid defoamer.


          Central Federal Defoamer (alias: anti-foaming agent) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. Questions about defoamers or related needs can be contacted through the official website.



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