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    The dampening solution is an indispensable chemical additive in the printing process, forming a uniform water film in the blank portion of the printing plate to resist the infiltration of the ink on the graphic to the blank portion and prevent the dirty plate.


    On August 5th, Mr. Mao from Hebei searched the Chinese herbal medicine defoamer on the Internet to contact the Chinese Federation to inquire whether there is a dampening solution defoamer. Mr. Zeng from the Federal Republic introduced the defoaming agent designed and produced for the printing material dampening solution. It has excellent defoaming and antifoaming functions for fine foams, with less dosage and antifoaming. Long time, water dispersibility, excellent suction, the system does not affect the transparency, and has a very low surface tension. Any foam in the wetting system can be removed without any damage to the equipment.


    Application field of fountain solution defoamer


    Mr. Zeng, a member of the Chinese Federation, sent three samples of dampening liquid defoamer to Mr. Mao for free. Mr. Mao promised that the E-205/206/207 dampening solution defoamer will be sent to Mr. Mao free of charge on the same day.


    On August 11th, the Central Government once again received a phone call from Mr. Mao from Hebei. The feedback on several defoamers was very good. E-206's dampening solution defoamer worked best. Finally, Mr. Mao purchased 1 ton of fountain solution defoamer from the Central Federation.


    The above is the case of Hebei Runxue Defoamer. Thanks to Mr. Mao's support, we will do better. About the fountain solution defoamer If you have any questions or have related needs, you can click on the federal defoamer in the consultation window on the right.


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