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    On June 27, Miss Wang, the Federal Sales Department, received a call from Mr. Jiujiang Fang.


    According to Mr. Fang's feedback, a large amount of foam is generated during the use of industrial paint. A large amount of foam will foam and the current mixing speed will make the blending time prolong. As a result, many industrial paint builders have pinholes in the process of use. Holes, uneven unequal conditions, etc., directly affect the beauty of industrial paint, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, dustproof and so on. Therefore, I want an industrial paint defoamer that can not affect the foaming system and continue to defoam and suppress foaming to solve this foaming problem.



    Industrial lacquer defoamer application field


    After the communication, Miss Wang of the sales department selected several industrial paint defoamers according to the requirements of Mr. Fang, and sent samples to Mr. Fang for free trial.


    On July 2nd, the federal sales lady Miss Wang received a call from Mr. Jiujiang Fang. Mr. Fang said: After testing, I have selected the best defoamer to completely solve my foaming problem.


    Finally, Mr. Jiujiang Fang purchased 500kg of industrial paint defoamer from the Central Federation and agreed with us on a long-term cooperation plan.


    China Federal Defoamer - has the most comprehensive defoamer comprehensive solution in the country, there is no foam problem that can't be solved, and we can solve the problem of your bubble one-on-one professionally. For industrial paint defoamers, if you have any questions or have relevant needs, you can click on the consultation section on the right to consult the federal.


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