• Tianjin aeration tank defoamer - solve the problem of aeration tank blistering

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    On July 19th, Mr. Ma from Tianjin Jinghai District searched the Tianjin aeration tank defoamer to find the Central Confederation. The water in the aeration tank produced a lot of foam, and the foam had a certain viscosity, which greatly reduced the aeration tank. The oxygenation efficiency, the activated sludge system is sealed with pure oxygen, and the entry of a large amount of foam in the oxygen compressor may cause damage to the machine. Therefore, it is urgent to need a defoamer that can defoam and suppress foam and is environmentally friendly to solve this problem.



    Application field of aeration tank defoamer


    After some understanding of the Chinese Federal Sales Department Mr. Zeng selected 3 aeration tank defoamers according to customer's problems and requirements, respectively, E-0856/0857/0858, free samples sent to Tianjin Jinghai District Mr. Ma trial.


    On July 26th, Mr. Zeng, the Federal Republic of China, received a call from Mr. Ma again. The feedback was tested and the three aeration tank defoamers were very good. E-0856 was used as a defoamer to suppress foaming and defoaming. best effect.


    It is best to go through a communication. Mr. Ma from Tianjin Jinghai District purchased 2 tons of E-0856 aeration tank defoamer from the China Federal Defoamer Factory for long-term use.


    The above is the bubble problem encountered by the Chinese Federation in solving the aeration tank. Many manufacturers are very willing to cooperate with us because we are a defoamer manufacturer with 17 years of application experience. We will easily solve the problem of foam. . This is the defoaming strength of our federal, if you also encounter the problem of foam in the aeration tank, you can contact us.


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