• Three common questions about defoamers for dyes

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    The antifoaming agent for dyes is developed by the Chinese Federation with composite materials and organic bismuth polyethers and special processes. In the case of high temperature and strong alkali strong acid, it can still defoam.


    Dyestuffs for dyes are used in the textile industry


    Usually, we usually require low or no foam when we sizing textiles. In particular, synthetic syrups for chemical fiber and silk contain emulsifiers and are easy to foam. In this case, we only need to add dye defoaming in each process. The agent will be fine, some friends will definitely ask:


    After adding the antifoaming agent for dyes, will it produce white freckles on the fabric?


    Or can the antifoaming agent for dyes be resistant to high alkali and high temperature, and will it break?


    Will it last for a short time after adding the antifoaming agent for dyes?


    The Central Federation resolves for you:


    The answer is definitely no, there are anti-foaming agents for dyes developed by the Chinese Federation. We have been continuously tested by our 3 senior doctors and more than 20 master students. After adding antifoaming agent to the dye sizing process, it will not produce white freckle. And demulsified, in the case of high temperature and strong alkali, it is still able to continue defoaming, and the defoaming time is surprisingly fast!


    Defoamer for dyes can be used in addition to textile dyes, we can also be used in washing production and other processes, and the amount of use is only 0.1%-0.8% of the total volume (the specific amount of consultation in the federal), so that not only can Good use, but also affordable!


    Today, Xiaobian will explain to you about the use of defoamer for dyes, as well as its characteristics, application fields and its dosage. If you have any questions about this, please leave a message and we will get the fastest speed with you. contact


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