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    In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to the treatment of industrial water treatment. Industrial water treatment refers to the purification of contaminated industrial wastewater or sewage through a series of water treatment equipment to meet the national water quality standards. It is a process of water quality conditioning for a specific application. However, industrial water treatment systems have a large amount of foam during operation, which often affects the effectiveness and efficiency of water treatment. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a certain amount of industrial water treatment defoaming agent should be added in the process of industrial water treatment to eliminate foam, so as to prevent excessive foaming from affecting the effect of industrial water treatment.



    Reasons for industrial water treatment to produce foam:


    1. When the dissolved oxygen is insufficient and the system is running at low load, it is easy to produce denitrifying foam.


    2. Partial degradation of organic matter by specific surfactants forms foam and causes foam to grow rapidly


    3. The change in pH also causes the incompatibility of the activated sludge, which causes foaming.


    Industrial water treatment produces the hazard of foam:

    The harm that foam brings to the industry is also non-shallow. It will corrode metals and affect the water treatment process in textile printing, papermaking, brewing and other industries. Therefore, it is often necessary to use various industrial water treatment defoamers for defoaming.


    The industrial water treatment defoamer developed by the Chinese Federation is a high-efficiency defoamer specially developed for various water treatment systems. It features: fast defoaming speed, long foam suppression time, high efficiency, low dosage, and strong versatility. It is easy to disperse in water, can be well compatible with liquid products, and is not easy to break the emulsion. Moreover, it can be applied to all kinds of loop sewage treatment, all kinds of loop industrial sewage, waste water treatment in various industries, all water temperature and dehydration in normal temperature and hemiplegia system.

    Central Federal Defoamer (alias: defoamer production) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. You can contact us about anti-foaming agents or related needs.



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