• Analysis on the operation principle of defoamer for seawater desalination

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    Nowadays, our living standards are constantly improving, and the population is increasing. Therefore, the use of water is also increasing. It is also due to the many sewage brought by life, which makes us standardize the purification of water resources. The requirements are constantly improving. At this time, we think of sea water. So what does this have to do with the defoamer for seawater desalination that Xiaobian wants to say?




    Desalination process


    In fact, it is not difficult to understand that we only need to send seawater to the distillation processing plant, and we can get the fresh water we want through certain technology. So, can we not meet our standards for water resources? Of course, it is not impossible. OK, but the cost will be very high, and there will be a lot of active organic matter after processing. These organic substances will also cause a lot of foam, which will seriously affect the progress of our work and the sanitation of the environment. Think of - defoamer for seawater desalination.


    Defoamer for seawater desalination

    The defoamer for seawater desalination developed by the Chinese Federation is a new type of defoamer that can adapt to high temperature viscous, strong alkali and heavy salt systems. It is better for distillation processing plants. In addition, our defoamer for seawater desalination can also be well compatible with bactericidal algaecides, scale inhibitors, etc., and is not affected by pH and temperature. It achieves the effect of rapid defoaming and foam suppression!


    Xiao Bian today is a brief introduction to the process of seawater desalination and the use of defoamers for desalination. In fact, the tap water used in our lives is probably the fresh water we just said. Ok, if you have any questions and needs about this, please leave a message or contact us directly.


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