• Manufacturers are worried about rubber resin defoamers

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    In the rubber resin industry, the development in recent years can not be described as unpleasant, rubber resin defoamer is mainly used in the rubber industry, epoxy resin, epoxy floor paint, oily ink UV oil, etc., due to its price Affordable and non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally safe and good, so the prospects in the market applications are great.



    Customers are worried about the problem of rubber resin defoamer


    However, some of our customers still worry that when using rubber resin defoamer, they will still be worried that the foam will not be removed well after use, there will be small bubbles remaining, or pinholes will be left; Floating, drifting oil, shrinkage holes, etc.; fear that after use will affect the transparency, appearance color, affect the curing of the resin, lengthen the curing time, in short, all kinds of worry!


    Chinese Federation for your analysis of rubber resin defoamer


    What the Chinese Federation wants to tell you here is: You said that the problem of rubber resin defoamer is not a problem for us here, because there is a special R&D team in our company. The 17 years of R&D experience is not only illusory, rubber resin defoaming The agent is tested by a number of Dr. Haigui, and it will not affect the anti-foaming effect in the case of high temperature and strong alkali. As long as you look for the Chinese Federation, you will know it after you experience it yourself.


    Well, if you have any questions about the rubber resin defoamer or if you have any questions, please leave a message.


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