• Defoamer for the production and processing of glass water

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    On July 6th, Mr. Su called to consult the glass water defoamer. After understanding, Mr. Su mainly wanted to find a Changshu defoamer. At that time, he tried several defoamers in the local area, but they did not reach the ideal. The effect, so found the Chinese Federation.

    Application of glass water defoamer in glass water


        Glass water is a cleaning agent used to clean glass. When it is cleaned, it will cause foam during operation due to vibration. This is because the surfactant is doped in it, so when it vibrates, because of the inflow of air. Foam is produced, and the stability of the foam is also very strong due to the surfactant, so it is necessary to add a glass water defoamer.


    The glass water defoamer is a defoamer specially made according to the glass water system and the foaming environment. After the addition, it will not have any influence on the original liquid, and the defoaming is fast. The Chinese federal engineer sends three models based on past experience. Defoamer to Mr. Su sample.


    Three days later, Mr. Su successfully sampled and purchased one of the defoamers. For this result, the Chinese federal engineer did not have a slight accident, because the Chinese Federation has 17 years of experience in defoamer, if you need a glass here too Water defoamer to solve the problem of foaming, you can click on the online consultation in the upper right corner to consult.


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