• The price of high temperature defoamer, are you expensive?

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    High temperature defoamer is a very important defoamer in the defoamer family, because some defoaming environment is very high temperature, most defoamers will directly lead to demulsification and stratification after being placed in high temperature environment. , drifting oil and other phenomena, so the Chinese Federation has developed a high temperature defoamer to specifically overcome this problem.


    (High temperature defoamer is used in the paper industry)


    Which industries can high temperature defoamers be used in:


    Textile printing and dyeing


    2. Metalworking fluid (cutting solution, etc.)


    3. Paper industry


    4. Mud defoaming in oil exploitation


    5. Metal cleaning


    6. Building materials industry


    7. Waterborne adhesive industry


    8. Industrial water treatment industry


    9. Dressing


    10.PCB board ink


    Detailed explanation of high anti-foaming agent

    The high temperature defoaming agent is prepared by using a suitable solvent, emulsifier or inorganic filler as a basic component, and a special process. The high-temperature defoaming agent is an excellent antifoaming agent, and has strong defoaming power. Especially valuable is the combination of chemical stability, physiological inertness and high temperature and acid resistance of oxime, so it is widely used, but it needs attention. The use temperature must be above 80 ° C, the higher the temperature, the higher the efficiency, the better the effect.


    Finally, everyone is concerned about the price: the price, the price of high temperature defoamer will be?

    High temperature defoamer: 12~20


    Central Federal Defoamer (alias: defoamer) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. You can contact us about the problem of defoamer or related needs.


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