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    The microemulsion is a transparent dispersion whose formation is related to the solubilization of micelles, also known as "swollen micelle solution" or "micelle emulsion".


    On June 11th, Ms. Wang from the sales department received a call from Mr. Xian, and the feedback on the microemulsion defoamer used by them was not very good. I wanted to change the microemulsion defoamer with good effect. Miss Wang asked for details. Later, I hope that Mr. Wei can send samples of their microemulsions to the Federal Laboratories, and we will tailor a microemulsion defoamer for him.

    The Chinese Federal Microemulsion Defoamer is a defoamer made of mineral oil and polyether ester technology. It has the advantages of fast defoaming, anti-foaming length, good leveling and low dosage, and will not affect the product effect.


    On June 14th, the Federal Laboratories received a sample from Mr. Xi Anwei. Mr. Wei asked the defoamer to be added to the sample, and then according to the microemulsion: water = 1:20 to open the thin, to see the defoaming, antifoam effect. There can be no oil, floats, or suspended matter.


    After receiving the samples, the Chinese federal experimenters selected several microemulsion defoamers for testing. After testing and modification, there are two microemulsion defoamers that are perfectly suited to the needs of customers. After reading the results of the experiment, Mr. Wei decided to use these two microemulsion defoamers to go back for a small test.


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