• Tianjin Resin Defoamer - Solving Resin Foaming Problem

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    Tianjin Resin Defoamer - Solving Resin Foaming Problem

    On July 2nd, Mr. Guo Guo called and asked if there was any resin defoamer. Before, Mr. Guo searched the Internet for a lot of information about Tianjin resin defoamer, and finally found our federal defoamer. I hope the Chinese Federation can solve it. Their foaming problem requires that the defoaming agent of the resin should be defoamed, there should be no particles, and the quality of the product cannot be affected in the later stage.


    The Chinese Federal Resin Defoamer is a high-efficiency defoamer made of special modified polyether. It is easily soluble in water, especially used in the defoaming of resin foaming system. The resin defoamer has good stability and organic hydrocarbons. The compatibility of the material is good, and it does not affect the transparency of the product after adding the resin system, and has a certain leveling performance.

    Application field of resin defoamer


    Mr. Zeng, a member of the Chinese Federation, learned about Mr. Guos situation and communicated with the laboratory. Finally, he sent the Chinese Federal E-0790/0791/0792 resin defoamer to Mr. Guo for free samples.


    On August 10th, Mr. Guo Guo called again to give back the sample information of the three resin defoamers in the federal sample. The effect of E-0791 is best to solve the problem of foaming. Finally, after communication, Mr. Guo is in the middle. The Federal Defoamer Factory purchased 1 ton of E-0791 resin defoamer and has been working with the Chinese Federation for a long time.


    The Chinese Federation is a manufacturer with 16 years of experience in defoaming agents. If you are searching for Tianjin Resin Defoamer and are eager to solve the problem of foaming, you can click on the online consultation in the upper right corner for consultation.


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