• The secret defoamer for cement mortar you don't know the secret!

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    Cement mortar is familiar to the construction industry. It can be seen everywhere in daily life. For example, building a house, repairing a road, etc., will be used, but this is related to the defoaming agent for cement mortar. What is the relationship?

    This matter has to start from when I was in the construction industry. I remember that at that time, I was still working as a small worker on the construction site (that is, using a mixer to help people with mortar). It was a hard work, especially in summer. High, basically every day, the sweat is flowing. In fact, this is all right. What is even more uncomfortable is that when everyone is busy, when the cement just poured into the mixer and added water, the bubble is really much, a lot of waste. The mixing time, so that the master wants the mortar on his side is still waiting for the bubble to slowly dissipate (hey, what is being done, this thing can not be done well).



     defoamer for cement

    Helpless, when they are busy, they wont care about your bubble. Just take the mortar. (There is no way to squat...). Its not a way to think about it all the time. Just online, I found it. Let's see if there is a way to quickly eliminate the cement mortar foam, let alone the technology is developed, online search for a special defoamer for cement mortar (that is called a happy), after the recommendation of netizens, also asked Several, in the end, I still feel that the Chinese Federation's brand has a high rate of praise, and I can try the samples for free. At this time, I will send a sample to the federal caller (there is no charge, no matter how much)!


    After a few days, the goods arrived, and when I was stirring, I added a little. I dont want to say that the effect is really good. I added a little bit of foam and disappeared. So my work efficiency has also improved, and the masters are not. I will wait because there is no mortar, (the key is that I will not be embarrassed...), when our boss came to inspect, I also felt strange, how can this work efficiency suddenly increase? After knowing the ins and outs of the matter, I went directly to the Chinese Federation to place an order. It is estimated that the price is really not very expensive. Moreover, the defoamer for cement mortar can also be used in many places such as water reducing agent, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, pulp, reinforcing agent, etc. It is said that it is mainly used for production (it is a bit overkill for us) .


    If you have any questions about the defoamer used in cement mortar or have relevant needs, please contact us.


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