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    An indispensable additive in the printing process, forming a uniform water film in the blank part of the printing plate to resist the infiltration of the ink on the graphic to the blank part, preventing the dirty plate, because the dampening solution will be used during use. A large amount of foam is produced, which affects the quality of the printing, so a fountain solution defoamer is used.


    Application field of fountain solution defoamer

    On June 15th, Miss Wang, the Federal Sales Department, received a call from Mr. Li from Guizhou.


    According to Mr. Li's feedback, it should be found that the existing defoamers do not achieve their original effect, the transparency is affected, and there is also suspended matter, so it is urgent to find a dampening solution defoamer.


    After understanding the situation, Ms. Wang negotiated with the client to send the dampening solution to the federal laboratory. The Chinese Federal Laboratories will analyze the sample with him and then tailor a dampening solution defoamer to the customer.


    Mr. Li of Guizhou promised, and sent samples to the Federal Laboratories on the same day.


    A few days later, the Federal Laboratories received the dampening solution from the customer, and the customer requested the addition amount to be about 0.1%. After adding the defoamer, the transparency cannot be affected, and there is no floating matter or suspended matter. After adding the antifoaming agent, press the dampening solution: water = 1:49, then dilute it at high speed to see the defoaming and foam suppression effect.


    Dampening solution


    colorless transparent liquid


    light fragrance

    Water soluble

    good water solubility






    The Chinese federal experimenter selected several dampening fluid defoamers for testing. After repeated experiments, he tested three fountain solution defoamers that are most suitable for customers.


    Test results: dampening solution defoamer

    Sample No.





    When A B-205 is added at 0.7%, there is a small amount of floating matter, and the defoaming is good.




    When B B-206 is added at 0.4%, there is no floating matter, and the defoaming is good.




    When the addition amount is 0.2%, several samples meet the customer's needs.


    When the addition amount is 0.2%, several samples meet the customer's needs.


    Three days later, Mr. Li called to give back the feedback and has already solved the bubble. Now I am calculating the production output, how much defoamer I need to buy, and I will call you later.


    The Federal Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of defoamers for 16 years, and one-on-one answers to professional problems to solve your worries. If you have a need for dampening fluid defoamer, please consult


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