• Polyurethane defoamer - solves the problem of polyurethane foaming

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    Polyurethane is a kind of polymer containing -NHCOO-repeat structural unit as the main chain, including rigid polyurethane plastic, flexible polyurethane plastic, polyurethane elastomer and other forms, and the raw materials are generally presented in a resin state. Polyurethane is reflected in the production of active agents and other additives, so it will produce a lot of foam, affecting the quality of the product. The Central Federal Guiyang Polyurethane Defoamer is an environmentally friendly additive developed for this foaming problem.


    Polyurethane defoamer

    On July 3rd, Miss Wang, the Federal Sales Department, received a call from Mr. Guiyang, who searched for Guiyang Polyurethane Defoamer by mobile phone to find the Chinese Federal Company. After careful understanding of the situation, Mr. Wang hoped that Mr. Ren could send samples to the federal experiment. Room, we will help him tailor a Guiyang polyurethane defoamer. Mr. Ren agreed to request, can not affect the transparency, after the addition of polyurethane defoamer, defoaming and foam suppression, the price can not be too high.

    Application field of polyurethane defoamer


    On July 7th, the Federal Laboratories received a sample of Mr. Ren, selected several polyurethane defoamers for testing, and after several hours of experimentation, selected an E-83 polyurethane defoamer, this defoamer can be completely Solve the problem of Mr. Ren's foaming. Finally, we sent this E-83 polyurethane defoamer to Mr. Ren for testing.


    A week later, Mr. Ren called and gave back our polyurethane defoamer. I ordered one ton of polyurethane defoamer from our Federal Defoamer.


    I am very grateful to Mr. Guiyang for his support to the Chinese Federation. If you want a Guiyang Polyurethane Defoamer, you can find the Central Defoamer Company. I believe our company team will not let you down. In 16 years, we focus on defoaming. The agent industry is supported and recognized by companies from all walks of life. The Chinese federal team will work harder and harder to solve more bubble problems for customers.


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