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    Abstract】—The regional distribution of defoamer manufacturers and the recommendation of the top six manufacturers in the industry give you a better choice.


    First, the distribution of manufacturers: Dongguan Paiyi, Foshan Pai Six


    Regional TOP3 ranking: South China, East China, North China and Central China


    Defoamer (alias: Antifoam), as a chemical additive to eliminate and inhibit foam, has gradually been applied to all walks of life, so the demand for the industry is also growing, there is demand for the market, this time Attracting a large number of merchants to invest, defoamer manufacturers have sprung up everywhere, blooming everywhere, the main areas are concentrated in South China, East China, North China and Central China, there are companies that have just invested in the defoaming industry, and also have long-run enterprises.


    Defoamer manufacturers

    City TOP6 ranking: Dongguan, Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan


    Although the manufacturers of defoamers are innumerable, the real technology is mature, the product range is complete, and the performance is still a small number. The top six cities are: Dongguan, Suzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, most of which are located in Guangdong. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions, defoamers in Dongguan, Suzhou and other places have developed most rapidly, with many manufacturers, rapid technological innovation and slightly superior products.


    Second, defoamer manufacturers recommend, TOP6 list


    Through the comparison of defoaming products of various manufacturers in the defoaming agent industry, combined with sales volume, parameters, performance, etc., a rough list of outstanding defoaming manufacturers is obtained. The list is for reference only, and the ranking is in no particular order.


    Zilibon Defoamer: a wide range of products, cost-effective, slightly better performance (17 years of technology in the defoamer industry)


    Defong defoamer: complete products, strong R & D technology, superior performance and reliable after-sales service. (14 years old company)


    Four new defoamers: diverse products, strict standards, good performance, strong research and development technology (20 years focus on defoamers)


    Zhongwan Defoamer: exquisite workmanship, advanced research and development equipment, high product quality (19 years of defoaming technology research and development manufacturers)


    Xinwancheng defoamer: strong technical team, anti-bubble professional, good product (20 years experience in defoaming technology)


    Jinfeng defoamer: good raw materials, excellent product performance, and strong foam problem (10 years antifoam technology)

    Before purchasing the defoamer, the user should consult the manufacturer by telephone, after the trial sample, and then select the defoamer according to the specifications, characteristics, dosage formula, etc., and must not operate blindly.


    Central Federal Defoamer - Focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. You can contact us about the problem of defoamer or related needs.


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