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    From discovering oil to refining oil, there are probably four important steps: oil exploration, oilfield development, oil and gas gathering, and petroleum refining. In the process of oil exploitation, the foam generated by the natural gas overflow in the formation, the gas generated by the pyrolysis and fermentation of the treatment agent, or the air entrained by the agitation cannot be destroyed, causing the foam to damage the oil and gas layer and destroy the underground. Oil and gas resources, or too much foam, seriously affect the construction efficiency, slow down the entire work process, and even the situation of blowout. At this time, Xiaobian suggested adding an appropriate amount of petroleum defoamer to solve this problem.



    (exploitation of oil scene map)

    Why does oil produce bubbles?


    1. When the natural gas overflows in the stratum, the mud is foamed, and the surfactant in the mud has a stabilizing effect, so that the foam generated by the mud is too late to burst.


    2. Excessive surfactant or excessive drainage aid


    3. The foam generated by the gas generated by the high temperature decomposition or fermentation of the treating agent;


    4. Air entrapped by agitation in the actual process.



    What is the danger of oil-producing foam?


    1. The viscosity of petroleum is large, it is easy to foam and the foam is stable, it is not easy to eliminate, and it is easy to fall into the tank;


    2. When the foam is too much, the relative density will decrease. Once a blowout occurs, it is often difficult to control;


    3. It is very harmful to oil and gas layers and will destroy underground oil and gas resources;


    4. Due to excessive foam, the construction efficiency is seriously affected, and the whole work process is slowed down.



    What are the advantages of petroleum defoamers?


    1. The defoaming agent of the oilfield has a fast defoaming speed and a long-lasting antifoaming effect.


    2, good dispersion, easy to use, less usage.


    3, high defoaming efficiency, can effectively improve the lubricity and cooling effect of the mud, and greatly improve the efficiency of the mud loop.


    4, tasteless, no pollution to the environment.


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    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. Contact us about defoamers or related needs.


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