• What troubles can be caused by not using the oilfield additive fracturing fluid defoamer?

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      The exploitation of the oil field must pass through the fracturing process. In order to build the seam and transport the proppant along the open crack, the fracturing fluid is added at this time. Due to the high surface active component of the fracturing fluid or the contamination of the drilling fluid, the surrounding environment, etc., a large amount of foam appears, which directly affects the viscosity of the fracturing fluid, slows back after the operation, and seriously impairs the permeability of the support zone. The oilfield additive fracturing fluid defoamer is a defoamer designed for fracturing operations.


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    The customer details:


    At 3:32 pm on July 5, 2018, Miss Li of the Central Federal Sales Department received a call from Mr. Yao from a certain oilfield team in Liaoning Province to ask questions about the defoamer of the oilfield auxiliary fracturing fluid. After detailed discussion, Mr. Yaos fracturing operation resulted in foaming due to the high surface active component of the fracturing fluid, and the foam stability was not easy to eliminate, which seriously affected the construction efficiency and slowed down the entire working process. The viscosity of the fracturing fluid was also Will be affected, the effect of breaking the glue is not ideal. After the operation, the flow is slow, and the damage to the return discharge is great. The residue blocks the pores of the oil and gas layer and seriously damages the support permeability. Mr. Yao tried many solutions and the results were not satisfactory. After the introduction of the business friends, it was learned that the anti-foaming agent of the Chinese Federal Oilfield Fracturing Fluid was very effective in this respect, so he called.


    Feedback from the results:


    Miss Li told Mr. Yao about the situation of Mr. Yao, a Chinese federal technician. The reason why Li Gong analyzed the foam was because a large amount of air pressure was generated in the oil well during fracturing, which caused a large amount of foam to appear. The fracturing fluid itself was A surfactant, and a surfactant is a violent hand that often foams, or air that is entangled by impact and agitation during the process is also prone to generate a large amount of foam, and the foam is stable and difficult to eliminate.


    In combination with Mr. Yao's actual situation, the technical department repeated experiments and developed the B-885 oilfield auxiliary fracturing fluid defoamer for this situation. This product has excellent dispersibility and anti-foaming properties, fast defoaming and anti-foaming length. . It has good anti-foaming effect on various heavy oils and light oils. This product has good stability and good compatibility with solvents. It is a fast defoamer.


    Miss Li sent a sample for Mr. Yao on the same day. After a while, Mr. Yao called again and said that the effect of using it is very good. There is no secondary foam after use, and the quality is trustworthy. On the same day, Mr. Yao booked a 4 ton oilfield auxiliary fracturing fluid defoaming. Agent.


    The Chinese Federation can provide samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. Contact us about foam inhibitors or related needs.


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