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    In the era of all-round technology information, the products used on the circuit boards are inexhaustible. Computers, mobile phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. all require circuit board applications to use the products normally. Many manufacturers of production circuit boards are There is always a problem with the production problem that makes people feel very troubled. In the process of solder mask, the problem of foaming will be caused, the severity of the problem will not be too small, the solder resist layer and the board material will fall off, and it will also be separated and the appearance will be affected. At this time, the circuit board defoamer should be used. 

    Application of circuit board special defoamer on the road board

    Give a customer case! Mr. He, a manufacturer of circuit board foundries in Shenzhen, called the China Federal Defoamer Company on June 20th. Mr. Hes tone on the phone made people feel anxious and nervous. Understand that Mr. He is confused about the problem of making circuit boards. Mr. He received a batch of orders recently and needed a large number of production circuit boards, but the deadline will be closer and closer to the delivery date. There is a problem with the board, and there is a bubble in the solder mask process. Mr. He had no choice but to check the Internet for any solution. In the end, Baidu found the Shenzhen circuit board to find the Chinese Federation.


    According to the reason of foaming, Ms. Wang introduced Mr. He to a circuit board defoamer which is a polyether compound defoamer. It is easily dispersed in an aqueous system, easy to use, has a fast defoaming effect and lasts. Anti-foaming function. If you want to quickly defoam without affecting the appearance of the product, this defoamer is the best for you. After consultation, Miss Wang sent the circuit board defoamer sample to Mr. He. A few days later, Mr. He personally came to bring us the company, and explained that your defoamer is very easy to use. The foam has eliminated the problem and it has been solved, so I decided to buy 700kg of defoamer from you.


    Why did the Chinese company succeed in solving the problem of the circuit board, and if you have any foam in that place, you can also consult us and we will give you a satisfactory product and solution. You can also click on the customer service in the upper right corner of the official website. You can find us.


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