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    On July 12th, Mr. Hu, who specializes in textile pulp in Hubei, called the Federation and gave back. Because the original defoamer could not meet the requirements, I collected the Hubei textile slurry defoamer on the Internet to find the Chinese Federation, and saw us. The official website has a column of custom defoamer, so I have to send a sample to customize a textile pulp defoamer, which requires strong compatibility, no bleaching, and strong defoaming effect.



    Application field of textile pulp defoamer


    China Federal Textile Slurry Defoamer is a high-performance defoamer based on the production process of high-temperature textile pulp, printing and dyeing pigments and paint paste. It is made of modified polyether oxime as the main material by special process. It has good defoaming effect and antifoaming performance in the pulp production process. It also has a good function of controlling foam in textile sizing. It is characterized by: rapid defoaming under medium and high temperature acid bismuth conditions, long-lasting foam suppression, low dosage, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, and no influence on the quality of the slurry due to demulsification or reaction with the slurry.


    On July 15th, the Federal Laboratories received a sample from Mr. Hu and selected several textile slurry defoamers for testing. Finally, a B-163 textile slurry defoamer could meet the requirements of Mr. Hu. The Chinese Federation told Mr. Hu about the results. It is best to communicate with Mr. Hu to purchase 500kg from our Federal Defoamer Factory.


    The Central Defoamer gives customers the most perfect textile foaming integrated solution, and many domestic and foreign defoamer distributors and defoamer manufacturers. Regarding the use of textile pulp defoamer and other problems, if you have any questions, you can click on the consultation window on the right to consult or call our national free service hotline.


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