• The secret of the electroplating industry: electroplating defoamer

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    With the development of society, it is increasingly inseparable from metals. The role of metals is very wide, but do you know? Metals need to be electroplated on the surface, so plating is not only because of aesthetics, but more importantly, it increases the corrosion resistance of metals. However, electroplating is also troublesome: blistering, electroplating blistering not only requires secondary operations. Waste of manpower and material resources, and even serious problems will accelerate the damage of the product. The foaming of electroplating is different from other foaming systems, and it is difficult to use the physical defoaming method to remove foam. At this time, the problem can be solved by using an electroplating defoaming agent.


    (The picture shows the case of plating failure)

    Reasons for electroplating:

      There are many reasons for electroplating foaming, but it is generally caused by the environment of the workshop, holes, intergranular corrosion, pre-treatment is not clean, the speciality of electroplating metal, and the excessive attention to static electricity.


    (The picture shows the temperature is too high when plating, the result of foam burst)


    Electroplating defoaming method:

      Physical method: control the generation of pores, control the content of bubble impurities in the alloy raw materials, etc.;

      Chemical method: the best is to add electroplating defoamer, but the general passengers will have two processes of degreasing and pickling before electroplating to prevent foaming, but the officials often overlook the electroplating workshop. The temperature, the environment, and the static electricity, when the products in the workshop are foaming, there is nothing to do.


    (The picture shows the perfect electroplating model)


    Why use an electrolytic defoamer:

      In order to prevent foaming during electroplating, it is necessary to use electroplating defoamer. The biggest feature of electroplating defoamer is fast defoaming, anti-foaming for a long time, no side effects on the product, etc. Live, even if there is static electricity, temperature factors harassing bubbling, it can defoam in time, and even can save those two processes, saving costs.


    (Perfect plating model kit)

    Central Federal Defoamer (alias: foam control agent) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.


    The Chinese Federation provides samples free of charge, and the defoamer is manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. You can contact us about foam breakers or related needs.


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