• Leveling Agent Defoamer -Ssolving The Problem Of Leveling Agent Foaming

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    A leveling agent factory in Jiangsu found Zilibon by searching for Jiangsu leveling agent defoamer, and purchased 200kg of leveling agent defoamer from us. After a few days, I called Zilibon to inquire about the addition of your leveling agent defoamer. How much is it? What method to add?

    Zilibon sales Mr. Zeng explained that each of our packaging contains a specification, which is detailed in the amount of addition and how to use it. The addition of Zilibon cutting fluid defoamer is 0.05~0.3%, the best. The amount of addition should be determined according to the foaming condition of the product and the composition of the leveling agent. The leveling agent defoaming agent can be added at the time of foaming, and it can be added once, and it is not necessary to add it later.

    Application field of leveling agent defoamer

    Zilibon E-0911/0912/0913 Leveling agent Defoamer is a product made of machine polyether esterified, mineral oil and alcohol. It has self-emulsification, easy dispersion, no surface defects or affects film formation. In the production, packaging and application of leveling agents, the control foam is produced, has good compatibility with a wide range of systems, has a long-lasting effective period, and is effective over a wide pH range.

    Zilibon Fine Chemicals is engaged in the research and development of defoamers for 16 years. Professional problems One-to-one solutions for you to solve foam troubles. If you are also searching for Jiangsu leveling agent defoamer, look for a defoamer to find the Chinese Federation, and look for a Jiangsu leveling agent defoamer, you can click on the online consultation to let the Chinese federal engineers answer for you.

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