• Does The Mineral Oil Defoamer In Mineral Oil Affect The Quality Of The Product?

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    Mineral oil defoamer is the third largest defoamer after polyether defoamer and silicone defoamer. Mineral oil defoamer is also called white oil defoamer, paraffin oil defoamer, white oil. Defoamer, for this defoamer, I believe that the manufacturers will know less, so the following small series introduces

    Mineral oil

    Introduction of mineral oil defoamer:

    A highly efficient non-silicone defoamer synthesized from the mineral oil defoamer developed by the Commonwealth by polyether, modified polysiloxane, silicone grease, silica, dispersant and stabilizer. It has fast defoaming and suppression. Bubble effect, independent of temperature and pressure. It maintains a good defoaming effect at lower concentrations and is especially suitable for defoaming of compatible systems.

    The principle of mineral oil defoaming:

    The defoaming mechanism of mineral oil is that mineral oil is insoluble with water on the liquid film of the foam, destroying the integrity of the liquid film, causing the recovery of the liquid film and the fluidity to be destroyed, thereby causing the foam to rupture and thereby defoaming. Even in the emulsion, the mineral oil is only emulsified and water, and is not soluble in water. Therefore, the larger the mineral oil droplets, the better the defoaming, that is, the defoaming of the emulsion (milky white) is generally better than that of the microemulsion. Translucent, transparent). The carbon chain of mineral oil has little effect on defoaming.

    Mineral oil defoamer

    Field of application of mineral oil defoamers

    1. Architectural coatings;

    2. Public facilities, structural engineering, coatings for ACE;

    3. Printing ink;

    4. Adhesive.

    5. Emulsion polymerization.

    How to use mineral oil defoamer:

    Mineral oil defoamers should be pre-diluted for ease of use. The recommended usage for some typical applications is as follows:

    Architectural coatings --- 0.1-0.4%

    Public facilities, structural engineering, coating for ACE---0.1-0.5%

    Printing ink --- 0.1-0.3%

    Adhesive --- 0.1-0.3%

    Emulsion polymerization---200-500ppm

    Combination and application --- 0.1-0.3%

    Cement blending --- 0.1-0.3%

    Cement system --- 0.1-0.3%

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