• Industrial Defoamers Play A Decisive Role In Industrial Production

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    With the rapid development of China's economy, the industrial cleaning industry has also flourished as an important part of China's industrial economy. Recently, on a road in the United States, a driver was driving on the road, suddenly saw a huge "cloud" falling from the sky and floating along the road. According to relevant media reports, this phenomenon is caused by industrial cleaning. The foam produced when the agent is produced, the production of such foam is easy to cause waste of raw materials and products, and also pollutes the production environment and its surrounding environment, etc., so we must deal with this phenomenon in time, "industrial cleaning defoaming "Ingredients" is an indispensable additive in industrial production. It mainly eliminates the foam generated in production and avoids the harm caused by foam generated in industrial production, thus preventing this kind of event from happening more.

    Industrial cleaning

    The reason why industrial cleaning agents produce foam:

    There will be foams because of the presence of surfactants in these cleaners, which are also the main substances that can play a cleaning role. The foaming ability of detergents reflects the amount of surfactants in it, and the natural foaming of the content. There will be more.

    The hazards of industrial cleaning agents that produce foam:

    1. The generation of foam leads to slowing down the process of industrial cleaning and energy consumption.

    2. The production of foam leads to an increase in the amount of water used, and the instability of product production affects the quality of the product.

    3. The excessive production of foam depletes the service life of the equipment, causing environmental pollution, human health and the like.

    Industrial defoaming

    Industrial cleaning agent foam solution:

    The main factor in the foaming of industrial cleaning agents is that the substances are caused by chemical factors, so the chemical method - industrial cleaning defoamer can be used to solve the foam generated in the production process.

    Select industrial cleaning defoamers:

    Industrial cleaning defoamers have the functions of energy saving, consumption reduction, water saving, stable production, improving product quality, speeding up production, extending equipment service life, reducing environmental pollution, appearance and human health. The industrial cleaning defoamer developed by the Chinese Federation is specially formulated with special modified polyether and fluorine-containing raw materials. It is easily soluble in water, especially suitable for high temperature, strong acid and alkali, high shear force and high pressure. Under the conditions, the defoaming and foam suppression are continued. It has good high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no floating, no bleaching oil; it can be widely used in foam elimination and suppression of various harsh systems over a wide temperature range.

    Zilibon defoamer (alias: domestic defoamer) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.

    Samples are available free of charge from Zilibon, and defoamers are shipped in strict accordance with industry standards. For questions about suds suppressors or related needs, please call our national service hotline: 13929201380.

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