• Latex Paint Defoamer Solves Foaming Problem Of Latex Paint

    By : Zilibon
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    On August 5th, 2017, there was a latex paint company in Fujian. Their assistant Mr. Qian gave us a call: I asked if there was any defoamer to solve the problem of foaming of latex paint. Before, Mr. Qian searched the Internet for a lot of questions about Fujian latex paint. The information on the foaming agent, and finally the friend's introduction found the Zilibon defoamer, so I hope we can help me solve the problem of latex paint foam.

    Application field of latex paint defoamer

    It is understood that Mr. He has been manufacturing the steel plate industry for more than five years, but he has been using other defoamers. The effect of defoaming is getting worse and worse. When the quality of the steel plate is affected by the customer, what is the problem? The manager is going to start to change the defoamer of the company. According to the analysis problem, the problem is that it is on the cleaning agent instead of the defoaming agent. The cleaning agent has a lot of active agent on the surface when cleaning the steel plate, which leads to stable foam formation.

    Mr. Zilibon asked Mr. He to send some latex paints. We will customize a defoamer based on the samples of latex paint.

    Three days later, we adapted three different types of emulsion paint defoamers for Mr. Qian, which are E-145/146/147 defoamers. According to the experiment, we recommended E-147 latex paint. Defoamer.

    After discussing with Mr. Zeng, Mr. Qian decided to use 200Kg of E-147 latex paint defoamer as a later trial to see if the effect can eliminate the foam problem. After two days of trial, Mr. He sent us feedback to E-147 latex paint defoamer to solve the foam problem.

    The above reasons and solutions for Mr. Qian's foaming in latex paints, we have 16 applications in the latex paint industry, and it is more than enough to deal with these stubborn foams. If you want to know more about defoamer products, please call our hotline.

    This article is from the Chinese federal defoamer manufacturer (, please indicate the source if you want to reprint.

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