• Mineral Oil Defoamer Perfectly Solves The problem Of Freezing Oil Blistering

    By : Zilibon
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    Beijing Juxin Weiye Trading sent a product called frozen oil, which is a colorless transparent liquid with a lot of bleaching oil and attached to its foaming ring mirror. When the engineer gets the product, it starts from it. foam ring simulation, found that this is a product that is often easy to foam, need a Beijing mineral oil defoamer to solve.

    Application of mineral oil defoamer in freezing oil

    The Chinese Federation has 16 years of experience in defoamer application. According to the foaming component of the frozen oil, it took only one hour to equip the corresponding mineral oil defoamer. After testing, the foam of the frozen oil is only 10 seconds. The time of the clock has been eliminated. Of course, this is only a small part of the product, but it will not take much time, and this product has strong anti-foaming performance.

    The defoamer was sent to the customer on the same day. Two days later, the customer replied that the foaming problem of the frozen oil was finally solved. Now it has been feedback to the purchase and is preparing to purchase from you.

    This guest ordered us 200kg of mineral oil defoamer in the later stage. Thank you very much for the trust of this customer. We will do better and better, if you just need Beijing mineral oil defoamer to solve it. For foam problems, please call 13929201380 for consultation.

    This article is from the manufacturer of Zilibon defoamer ( Please indicate the source if you need to reprint.
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