• Foam Principle & Dosage Description Produced By Steel Plate Cleaning Agent

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    What if the steel plate is cleaned with a lot of foam? In fact, this problem is very common. Perhaps the manufacturer who has done this for a long time will use the defoamer to solve the foam problem. At this time, some people don't understand it! What is the cause of the foam? Why can the defoamer solve these foams quickly? Then let me talk about the foam produced by the steel cleaner. Principle and usage instructions.

    Application of steel plate cleaning defoamer in steel plate cleaning

    Then let's talk about it with these two questions! When cleaning the steel plate, there are some things that are indispensable. When cleaning the object, the aqueous solution should be added with cleaning agent or detergent or degreaser, cleaning agent or other washing. The general basic substance is surface active, sometimes strong alkali or strong acid. In some cases, it is necessary to have medium and high temperature conditions, and the cleaning is carried out by stirring and spraying, which will form a stable foam problem.

    The steel plate cleaning defoamer is specially used for the foaming of the cleaning agent. The steel plate cleaning defoaming agent is made by a variety of special polyethers through a composite process, and has good functions of defoaming and foaming and high shear resistance. There will be no traces of residue, no effect on the metal product, and the foam will be completely destroyed during cleaning.

    After talking about the formation and solution of the foam; there are many people who are concerned about the amount and price. According to our price, the price of the Zilibon defoamer is similar to the market price. As for the data given in the official specification, the data is used directly or Diluted for use. Recommended dosage: steel plate cleaning defoamer added amount: total volume: 0.05%-0.3%; need to use as soon as possible after dilution; suitable for medium and low temperature below 75 degrees.

    The above describes the principle and amount of foam generation during steel cleaning. Zilibon has 16 years of experience in the defoaming industry. For different stubborn bubbles, Zilibon is confident to help customers solve the foam problem. If you have problems with foam in steel cleaning, you can find me. Our hotline is: +86 13929201380.

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