• Steel Plate Cleaning Defoamer To Solve The Problem Of Foam In Steel Plate Cleaning Agent

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    On July 10, there was a steel plate manufacturing steel plate Co., Ltd. in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Their manager Mr. He gave us a call: I asked if there was any foam defoaming agent that solved the problem of foam cleaning during the cleaning of steel plates. Before I searched many online Liaoning steel plates. Defoamer products, finally listened to a friend's introduction to find Zlibon defoamer, so I hope we can help solve the problem of steel foam.

    Application of steel plate cleaning defoamer in steel plate cleaning

    It is understood that Mr. He has been manufacturing the steel plate industry for more than five years, but he has been using other defoamers. The effect of defoaming is getting worse and worse. When the quality of the steel plate is affected by the customer, what is the problem? The manager is going to start to change the defoamer of the company. According to the analysis problem, the problem is that it is on the cleaning agent instead of the defoaming agent. The cleaning agent has a lot of active agent on the surface when cleaning the steel plate, which leads to stable foam formation.

    Zilibon customer service asks Mr. He to send some cleaning agents for cleaning steel plates. We will adapt the products suitable for your defoamer according to the samples of cleaning agents. One day later, we adapted three different types of steel plate cleaning defoamers, which are E-61 E-62 E-63 defoamers. According to the experiment, we recommended E-63. Defoamer, E-63 steel plate cleaning defoamer A variety of special polyethers are refined by a composite process, which has excellent defoaming and antifoaming effects. Adding a transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent. E-63 steel plate defoamer is very suitable for use in steel plate cleaning.

    After discussing with the customer service, Mr. He decided to use 200Kg steel plate cleaning defoamer as a later trial to see if the effect can eliminate the surface foam problem. After two days of trial, Mr. He sent us feedback: E-63 steel plate cleaning defoamer can solve the problem of surface foam, and it is easier to clean.

    The above reasons and solutions for Mr. He's foam in the cleaning of steel plates, we have 16 applications in the industrial cleaning industry, it is more than enough to deal with these stubborn foam. If you want to know more defoamer products, please call our hotline: 13929201380.

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