• Reasons And Solutions For Foaming Of circuit Coard Foam

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    On July 3, Mr. Li from a manufacturing circuit board company in Shanghai needed to find a circuit board cleaning defoamer, and then searched the Shanghai circuit board to clean the defoamer to find the Zilibon Chemical, and asked to introduce a circuit board. To clean the defoamer, he also needs to have good defoaming and antifoaming properties. Adding a transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent.

    Application of special defoamer for circuit board cleaning in cleaning circuit boards

    According to a conversation between Miss Wang and Mr. Li, Mr. Li’s cleaning of the circuit board caused the problem of stable thick foam due to the cleaning of the circuit board itself, and the problem of foam has greatly affected their production process. Affecting their late processing of the board.

    The Chinese federal engineer decided to introduce a special antifoaming agent for E-17 circuit board cleaning to Mr. Li. The recommended reason is that E-17 circuit board cleaning special defoaming agent is made of special polyether by composite technology and has good elimination. The function of foaming and antifoaming and high shear resistance, the addition of transparent cleaning agent does not affect the appearance of the cleaning agent, and matches the requirements mentioned by Mr. Li, which is suitable for Mr. Li's solution for defoaming. Finally, we sent a sample of the special defoamer for E-17 circuit board cleaning to Mr. Li, let Mr. Li try the defoamer product to see if it can achieve a good defoaming effect.

    A few days later, Mr. Li called the feedback phone and said: Defoamer has solved our problem, and the bubble elimination time is faster than I expected. After consultation with our company staff and leaders, I decided to purchase 1 ton of line. Plate cleaning defoamer.

    The above is how to solve the problem of foam encountered by Mr. Li in circuit board cleaning. The Zilibon Chemical is a 16-year old manufacturer of defoamers, with a free sample of 200g, promised 30 days of invalid return. If you have problems with board cleaning foaming, please contact us at +86 13929201380.

    This article is from the manufacturer of Zilibon defoamer (, please indicate the source if you need to reprint.

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