• Medicinal Defoamer Easily Solves Foam Problems In Pharmaceutical Plants

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    Everyone wants to open a good pharmaceutical factory. However, it is easy to make medicines. It is necessary to spend a lot of energy and resources in the pharmaceutical factory. Then, when the drug is about to be completed, it will suddenly flow due to problems such as the stirring speed of the fermentation process. A lot of foam, the spilled drugs are not only low in medicinal properties, but also costly. Anyone will feel depressed. At this time, a defoamer for pharmaceutical factories is needed.

    Why is the drug fermentation process easy to foam?

    1. Gas-liquid two-phase coexistence

    2. The bacteria grow vigorously

    3. Due to the intensity of the agitation, the pre-fermentation medium is rich in ingredients.

    4. The fermentation process heats up too fast, and the stirring speed of the fermentation process increases too fast, which may cause the foaming to be too fast.

    5. If the bacteria have a certain amount of biomass, the bacteria will be lysed due to phage or other factors, and the bacterial protein will be released in a large amount, which will lead to a rapid foaming process.

    The picture shows the foam in the fermenter

    How to control the foam of drug fermentation?

    Mechanical defoaming

    2. Use the ideal defoamer

    3. Add defoamer for pharmaceutical factory

    4. Reduce the amount of liquid loading (sacrifice capacity)

    5. Appropriately increase the tank pressure and reduce the speed

    The ideal defoamer necessary conditions:

    1. Can withstand high temperatures.

    2. Non-toxic and tasteless.

    3. Defoaming speed is fast.

    4. Has a long-lasting anti-foaming ability.

    5. There is no impact on the product.

    6. Zilibon's defoamers for pharmaceutical plants meet these characteristics.

    Zilibon defoamer (alias: Guangdong defoamer manufacturer) - focus on solving various foam problems in production and processing, because of the focus on professionalism.

    Samples are available free of charge from Zilibon, and defoamers are shipped in strict accordance with industry standards. For questions about suds suppressors or related needs, please call our national service hotline: 13929201380.

    This article is from the Chinese Federal Defoamer Manufacturer (, please indicate the source.

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