• Do You Know The Role Of Coal Washing Defoamers?

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    What is a coal washing defoamer? Speaking of the word washing coal will definitely think of washing coal, washing coal is actually a way of coal processing, in the process of washing coal will encounter foaming phenomenon, and the existence of foam will be very unfriendly to our production, work There will be various problems on the work, affecting work efficiency, and want to know what will happen? What is the use of coal washing defoamer? The following small series combines a customer case to explain.

    Coal washing defoamer application scenario

    Customer details

    On June 4, 2018, Ms. Wu of Zilibon received a phone call from Mr. Mo, the head of a coal factory in Shanxi. The output of our factory decreased a lot last month. During the processing, the workers reflected that the bubble was much more It is difficult to remove, a lot of raw materials are wasted, and several defoamers have been tried for this purpose. The result is still unsatisfactory, so I have to find information to solve it. I saw Zilibon's website in a search for information and learned that Zilibon can serve guests. Customize the appropriate defoamer and have your own research institute, so call and try to see if it can solve the problem.

    Result feedback

    After some communication, we found that the surfactant was too much when it was processed, and it was affected by physical factors. The defoamer used before did not have good hard water resistance, so the effect was not good, which seriously affected the production. . After understanding the communication between Miss Wu and the laboratory and the case of combining Shanxi coal, Mr. Mo was sent a coal washing defoamer to solve the problem of coal washing foam. On June 9th, Mr. Mo once again called Miss Wu to say that after a few days of experimentation, it was found that Zilibon's coal-washing defoamer had a small effect, and the foam suppression time was long. It did not affect the foaming system. Now it is decided to purchase 500KG. Washing coal defoamer, also said that if you have a similar problem in the future, if you ask him, I would recommend Zilibon.

    Zilibon defoamer focuses on solving various foam problems in production and processing, so it is professional because of concentration.

    Samples are available free of charge from Zilibon, and defoamers are shipped in strict accordance with industry standards. Regarding the problem of enemies/suppressants or related needs, you can call our national service hotline: 13929201380.

    This article is from the Chinese Federal Defoamer Manufacturer (, please indicate the source.

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