• Is “Polyether Modified Silicon Defoamer” And “Silicone Polyether Defoamer” The Same Thing?

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    Is it the same thing about the two components of "polyether modified silicon" and "silicone polyether", or is it two things? This is a very controversial and very vague term in the defoamer industry. I will explain it to you today:

    The full name of polyether modified silicon defoamer is polyether modified silicone defoamer, which is a polyether modified organic compound which reacts with polyether and other components under certain conditions by dimethyl silicone oil. Silicon is then emulsified by selecting an appropriate emulsifier to produce a stable and efficient defoamer that combines both silicone and polyether properties.

    Is “polyether modified silicon defoamer” and “silicone polyether defoamer” the same thing?

    It can be said that the polyether modified silicone defoamer is a highly efficient new defoamer that combines the advantages of both polyether and silicone, so that it has strong defoaming effect and resistance. It has good heat, shear resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is also non-toxic and tasteless, stable in storage and convenient to use. It is widely used in various occasions, especially for defoaming under many harsh conditions. For example, high temperature dyeing process of textiles, defoaming in fermentation process, and the like.

    The full name of silicone polyether defoamer is actually emulsion type silicone oil polyether defoamer, which is made of dimethyl silicone oil, polyether and hydrogen-containing silicone oil. Emulsion-type defoamer with ether properties.

    That is to say, the silicone polyether defoamer can be understood as blending silicone oil and polyether into the same system, and coexisting under the control of dispersant and stabilizer, and exerting their respective performance characteristics. It has more outstanding defoaming performance than pure silicone defoamer, and can guarantee the use effect at lower concentration. Of course, with simple blending, the stability is not as stable as the product formed after the chemical reaction.

    Therefore, the difference between pure memory is that "polyether modified silicon" is a copolymer and "silicone polyether" is a blend. Also, it must be mentioned that polyether modified silicon defoamer is a high-grade type in defoamers (alias: defoaming water), and it is still dependent on imports in many markets in China, many defoamers. The manufacturer is still in the immature stage in this category, so it has certain practical significance for the study of polyether modified silicone oil defoamer.

    I believe that everyone understands that "silicone polyether" and "polyether modified silicon" are the same thing. Zilibon Fine Chemicals has been researching and developing fine defoamers for 16 years, and the world's top 500 companies have designated defoamer manufacturers, such as For more questions or to welcome you, please click on the consultation window in the upper right corner for more detailed consultation or call the national toll-free hotline at +86:13929201380.

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