• Defoaming Powder For Cement Mortar Makes Self-leveling Mortar Smoother And Longer Life

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    If you want the self-leveling mortar to have a longer service life, then you must have foreign material support. Zilibon Chemical is an international defoamer manufacturer. The research products can break this situation. This is the special defoaming of cement mortar. powder.

    Since the self-leveling mortar forms a horizontal plane by gravity under the action of gravity, in the process of use, bubbles may appear, which affects the stability and service life of the mortar.

    Defoaming powder for cement mortar

    The special defoaming powder for cement mortar is composed of various raw materials, and the modified mineral oil is dominant. This product can be defoamed under the condition of strong alkali, and the foam in the cement mortar can be effectively controlled. Therefore, adding a defoaming powder (alias: defoaming king) to the cement-based self-leveling mortar system can achieve a good defoaming effect when the dosage is 0.05%, which can increase the fluidity of the self-leveling mortar and improve the hardening of the mortar. Apparent state, increase the wet density of the mortar, so that the level of compressive and flexural strength of the self-leveling mortar after hardening is significantly improved.

    After using the defoaming powder for cement mortar, the surface will be smooth after self-leveling mortar after hardening, without pinholes, and its homogeneity and strength will be very good.

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